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Today, we have more and more access to music from all over the world, curated through social media and streaming: during DJ sets you can just ask the DJ about a song that’s new to you. With so much music circulating there are these moments where one particular sound will bubble to the top. Right now, amapiano is that sound. Created in South Africa and spawned from: house music, kwaito, bubblegum, bacardi, jazz, hip hop, and gqom. Amapiano is taking off in many club sets all over the world. For this episode, host DJ Lindsey spoke with 2 DJs working in South Africa-- Lelo aka Lelo What’s Good and Da Kruk-- about watching this genre they started and is still pretty new (to us in the West anyway!) take off in the rest of the world. You'll also get an amazing mix of amapiano tracks!

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Black is Black is a monthly show that explores the significant and continuing legacy of the Black Diaspora, hosted by visionary creative and nightlife contributor, DJ Lindsey.