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This month, DJ Lindsey takes us down memory lane and discusses Freaknik, the Atlanta-based cultural phenomenon that essentially started as a spring break event for Washington D.C. students in the Atlanta area. Lindsey discusses the origins of Freaknik: a very fun, very Black, yet sometimes debaucherous street party for young folks. It was happening all over Atlanta and drew hundreds of thousands of people. Featuring booty shake music, camcorders, girls in cootchie cutters, and more, Freaknik was an event on another level... for better or for worse. As with a lot of instances of large gatherings of Black folks-- especially when they supposedly encroach on businesses or white spaces-- Freaknik finally was forced out of the city. We'll get into the legacy of Freaknik, and then DJ Lindsey brings a slightly NSFW mix of Freaknik classics!

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Black is Black is a monthly show that explores the significant and continuing legacy of the Black Diaspora, hosted by visionary creative and nightlife contributor, DJ Lindsey.