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House Dance

For this month's episode, host DJ Lindsey explores the house dance community and how much it has enriched culture worldwide with special guests - DJ Caleaf Sellers of Moptop Unit and Dance Fusion and Rich Medina. House dancers seem to be lost in the music and it is infectious. If you’ve ever been at a party where these dancers meet up, you know how much that elevates the entire experience. It’s essentially a mix of so many styles, you can see what era and techniques influenced each dancer as they move. It’s an important aspect of Black culture as it really is another instance where we see innovation and apprenticeships create a new type of art that then becomes mainstream. For this month's mix, you'll hear tracks from Tyree, Robert Owens, and Jimpster & Rich Medina -- Listen to Black is Black on Sonos Radio, the first Thursday of every month on Sound System. To learn more and sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sonos Radio HD, visit

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About Black is Black

Black is Black is a monthly show that explores the significant and continuing legacy of the Black Diaspora, hosted by visionary creative and nightlife contributor, DJ Lindsey.