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Imaginary Soundtracks with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Every music supervisor has a stash of tracks they’ve earmarked for future use in a project. Sometimes they are well-known songs, but mostly, these are deep-cut, obscure, and beloved songs. With each episode of Imaginary Soundtracks, host DJ Bunny Ears (aka Eric David Johnson) will bring in a fellow music supervisor to have a chat and build an incredible playlist together – effectively creating an imaginary soundtrack made of hidden-gems. This episode, Bunny Ears mixes it up by inviting a special guest - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, an American composer, performer, and producer from the Pacific Northwest. They talk about the music that inspired, sparked and connected with her throughout her music career, as well as sharing a song from, and a peak into, her upcoming album, Let’s Turn It Into Sound.

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