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Music is Everything! - Season 1 Recap

It’s been an INCREDIBLE debut season here on Music Is Everything!, the show made by music obsessives, for music obsessives. For this special Season 1 Recap, host Elia Einhorn (Sonos Radio Hour, Pitchfork Radio) is joined by producers Mark Yoshizumi, Katie Lau and Madeline Campbell to spin tracks from, and share stories about each of the 13 sessions we recorded, including: Xenia Rubinos RP Boo v Natural Information Society! Soul Glo Sly and Robbie dubbed by Vuelo KAINA x NNAMDÏ x Sen Morimoto SASAMI The Magnetic Fields Bartees Strange Porridge Radio Circuit des Yeux Cassandra Jenkins feat Suhail Yusuf Khan Les Filles de Illeghadad Angel Bat Dawid x Ben LaMar Gay x Damon Locks / Black Monument Ensemble Plus What’s The News?! segment appearances from Ghostface Killah, Weird Al, and Tom Jones. SEE YOU IN THE SEASON TWO PIT!! xo 3dB

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