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Music is Everything with RP Boo vs. Joshua Abrams (Natural Information Society)

Welcome to Music Is Everything!, a show by music obsessives, for music obsessives. Elia Einhorn (Sonos Radio Hour, Pitchfork Radio) hosts an hour packed with musical just-too-muchery, including: - A studio session and interview with legendary Chicago footwork Producer RP Boo, and minimalist jazz artist Joshua Abrams, AKA Natural Information Society - Pulp are reuniting; Can the power of Rashida Tlaib + UMAW (Union of Musicians and Allied Workers) pass a bill that will regulate artist payouts for streaming services?; Plus, new music from Frankie Cosmos, Genesis Owusu, and Gordon McIntyre - MIE! Poetry Curator Jamila Woods shares a reading from E'Mon Lauren - Thor Harris drops in with a Life Hack - A new missive from inside The TONTO Institute, featuring Xenia Rubinos - We travel to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, where the Kasai All Stars’ Mopero Mupemba is our guide to the city’s music scene in International Affair - Shamir sends us on our way with some Ratchet Wisdom

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