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Music is Everything with Soul Glo

Elia Einhorn (Sonos Radio Hour, Pitchfork Radio) hosts an hour of musical just-too-muchery, including: - An incredible late-night studio session and interview with hardcore vanguards Soul Glo - Music news: The Monkees are suing the FBI!? And an upcoming queer-centric horror film by Jane Schoenbrun that features some of indie music’s finest! - New music from duos: Madlib & Declaime, Joe Troop & Larry Bellorin, and Julia Shapiro v Jenn Champion - Poetry Curator Jamila Woods presents a reading from E'Mon Lauren - Thor Harris drops a Life Hack - A final missive from inside The TONTO Institute, featuring Suzanne Ciani - Shamir graces us with some sincere Ratchet Wisdom SEE YOU IN THE PIT!! - To learn more about Sonos Sound System programming, visit IG: sonosradio

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