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Music Made Us - Detroit with Waajeed

Music Made Us—the new show from Wax Poetics and Sonos Radio—takes listeners on an 8-stop journey across the United States, exploring how music’s influence helped shape and build the unique character of each locale. In this second episode of the series we head to Detroit and speak to veteran producer and DJ, Waajeed. He is also the director of the newly formed Underground Music Academy, a Detroit-based school whose mission it is to build future leaders of electronic music through education and mentorship. In the first half of the show, Waajeed and our host, Wax Poetics Editor Andrew Mason, explore the true meaning of Techno and its Detroit origins, and just how deeply the essence of the city of Detroit has influenced the music it has produced. The show wraps up with Waajeed's selection of tunes that illustrate the classic Detroit. -- Find out more about Wax Poetics at

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