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Radio Hour with Anika

"Revered for her classic 2010 self-titled debut album (produced by Sound System show host Geoff Barrow!), Anika has become a favorite of the underground scene. Since then, Anika has traveled the world as a DJ and started a psych-rock group called Exploded View, who went on to release a pair of LPs. Anika recently returned to her solo moniker with the release of her new album Change, which brings her spellbinding voice and lyricism to the forefront. For this episode of Radio Hour, Anika and host Elia Einhorn caught up about her ever-changing artistic approach and why she’s convinced that she’ll quit making music. She then shares her eclectic insomnia playlist, which touches upon every genre in the book."

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Listeners can connect with artists through their musical influences and obsessions on Radio Hour, a weekly show hosted by Elia Einhorn. Featuring an interview and guest DJ set, episodes are released on Wednesdays.