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Radio Hour with Arooj Aftab

Arooj Aftab is a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer. Her third album, last year’s Vulture Prince, features Arooj’s beautiful voice singing poetry, mostly in Urdu, with instrumentation influenced by South Asian classical music, jazz, folk, and new music minimalism. Radio Hour host Elia Einhorn spoke with Arooj about going viral as a teenager in Pakistan, her love for Brooklyn, and being bitten by the modular synth bug. Then, she spins a guest set featuring her favorite recent music, featuring tracks by Jon Batiste, Alicia Keys, and L'Rain.

About Sonos Radio

Listeners can connect with artists through their musical influences and obsessions on Radio Hour, a weekly show hosted by Elia Einhorn. Featuring an interview and guest DJ set, episodes are released on Wednesdays.