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Radio Hour with Brian Eno

"Brian Eno’s latest endeavor is his very own Sonos Radio HD station titled “The Lighthouse” with decades of unheard original music by the man himself. The Lighthouse is a mind-boggling, decades-spanning archive and a testament to the limitless creativity of one of the greatest minds in music. For this week’s show, Brian joined to talk about The Lighthouse, the “strangely-shaped boxes” he puts himself in artistically, his unique brand of humor, and much more. We then share some of the top tracks standouts from his incredible career including a premier of two new tracks from The Lighthouse."

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About Sonos Radio

Listeners can connect with artists through their musical influences and obsessions on Radio Hour, a weekly show hosted by Elia Einhorn. Featuring an interview and guest DJ set, episodes are released on Wednesdays.