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Radio Hour with Cate Le Bon

Welsh multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon is the quiet force behind some of the most intriguing and sophisticated avant-pop songs in modern music. In addition to six fantastic albums, she produces other acclaimed left-of-center artists like Deerhunter, John Grant, and Devendra Banhart. Earlier this year, she released Pompeii, which was met with immediate praise, including a coveted Best New Music from Pitchfork. Cate and host Elia Einhorn caught up on her process of creating an album during the collapse of civilization; the multidisciplinary nature of her collaboration with her life partner, Tim Pressley AKA White Fence, who painted Pompeii’s cover art; and the delightful new experience of arranging music on a foundation of groovy bass riffs. Then, Cate spins a dope guest set featuring her favorite newer tracks, including music that informed her journey into Pompeii. __ Listen to Radio Hour each week on Sonos Radio, premiering Wednesdays on Sound System

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