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Radio Hour with D'Angelo

"D’Angelo is one of the most iconic artists of our time. The legendary singer / songwriter / and multi-instrumentalist has sold millions of records, and has a shelf-full of Grammys. His three studio albums- ‘95’s Brown Sugar, 2000’s Voodoo, and 2014’s Black Messiah- were all game-changers; each is an integral link between the past and future of funk and soul. On this week’s show, D’Angelo joins to share about his new station on Sonos Radio HD - Feverish Fantazmagoria. On top of that, D shares wonderful stories of meeting his heroes, like Prince and George Clinton; the secret to beating writer’s block; and the musical magic of finding that perfect pocket. He then spins an exceptional and truly unique Radio Hour DJ set."

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About Sonos Radio

Listeners can connect with artists through their musical influences and obsessions on Radio Hour, a weekly show hosted by Elia Einhorn. Featuring an interview and guest DJ set, episodes are released on Wednesdays.