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Radio Hour with Lykke Li

Lykke Li is an international pop star known for creating gorgeous and melancholy-drenched electro dream pop. The Swedish-born singer/songwriter/producer is an inveterate collaborator who’s worked with David Lynch, U2, Santigold, and Mark Ronson. Her new LP, Eyeye, is an intimate, home-recorded breakup album. But there's a meta conceit in play; it’s also Lykke’s split with her oeuvre of breakup albums. The songs are accompanied by a series of visuals that contribute to the record’s narrative. Host Elia Einhorn caught up with Lykke to talk about her decision to close the door on themes of obsessive love and loss; hitting her “god-frequency” with psychedelics; and her feeling that she- and the world- has been stuck in a series of loops.

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