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Radio Hour with Raveena

Raveena is the artist behind one of this year’s most exciting albums, Asha’s Awakening. Seamlessly blending R&B, Indian classical music, rap, Highlife, and pop, the record boasts appearances from artists as disparate as hip hop star Vince Staples and the septuagenarian Indian icon Asha Puthli. The LP takes listeners on a journey of healing, empowerment, and social commentary, all inspired by Raveena’s wonderfully creative sci-fi Bollywood vision of a Punjabi princess living on an alien planet. Raveena and I recently connected to discuss exploring the musical and visual intersections of South Asia and the West; celebrating Brown queer love; and giving listeners the gift of guided meditation. Then, she spins a dope guest set featuring tracks that lend themselves to Asha’s sonic universe.

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