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Rolla Skate

Social media put a spotlight on rollerskating during Covid lockdowns. Since it was a popular way of safely being around people outdoors. Roller-skaters went viral posting videos skating on the road, on tennis courts, and on playground blacktops. Skates were sold out everywhere and people seemed to believe that this was a resurgence. But for decades in many cities around the world, people in the Black community have been rollerskating and forming a culture around their specific region’s skate style. For this episode Host DJ Lindsey spoke with twin DJs, DJ Tootz who play skate sessions regularly in rinks in Atlanta, and Kai Phillip, one of the founders of the UK skate crew Fix8 who will be managing the new Flippers Skate World opening in London. For this month's mix, you'll hear tracks from Zapp & Roger, Con Funk Shun, Aaliyah & more.

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Black is Black is a monthly show that explores the significant and continuing legacy of the Black Diaspora, hosted by visionary creative and nightlife contributor, DJ Lindsey.