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Season 2 Wrap-Up with Marcus J. Moore

Host DJ Lindsey takes a look back at some of her favorite show themes from Season 2 that coincidentally ties in with some pop cultural trends and discussions that happened in 2022. For this very special season finale episode, Lindsey speaks with writer Marcus J. Moore: he’s a music lover who writes extensively about jazz, wrote a biography on Kendrick Lamar and has lived in Kenya. She also looks back on previous episodes, including Amapiano (EP 4), Latinx (EP 5), and Freaknik (EP 9) and speaks with Marcus to get his perspective on these hot topics and also fill in some of the blanks to give a deeper understanding of Black culture. This month’s mix is made up of songs that Lindsey wanted to use in this year's past shows, but couldn’t fit. This includes messy r&b from The Art of Begging episode, some Amapiano, songs featuring the saxophone, House music, songs by Afro-Latinx artists, music from singer-songwriter Dawn Richard, bootyshake and more!

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Black is Black is a monthly show that explores the significant and continuing legacy of the Black Diaspora, hosted by visionary creative and nightlife contributor, DJ Lindsey.