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Sheroes Mixtape Memoir with Brandi Carlile

A first on Mixtape Memoir, we talk to an artist who has literally just written and published her first memoir! Brandi Carlile’s fantastic new book, Broken Horses went straight to #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list, and it was an honor and a pleasure to create this episode with snapshots of her story and her personal soundtrack that plays such a huge role in the book itself. Brandi’s book is named for the broken and damaged horses she owned, loved and cared for, and is a perfect metaphor for a life marked by empathy and vulnerability as well as great courage, faith and sheer will. The book is also full of personally important songs. That all comes together this hour, as we create Brandi Carlile’s Mixtape Memoir.Soon began what would become a long journey of first trying to emulate, and then joining the ranks of Music Row’s finest and most respected hit songwriters today. Brandy Clark also emerged as an artist in her own right, but the country radio format that she had loved her entire life, did not embrace her own recordings as much as she had hoped. As fate would have it, her breakup with country radio as an artist ended up being a blessing, and brought about her most accomplished, personal, and fully realized album to date. Your Life Is A Record has made Brandy Clark an an eight time Grammy nominee, most recently garnering two for that third album, and its single “Who You Thought I Was”.

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