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Sheroes Mixtape Memoir with Natalie Merchant

How many artists can you think of that left their band at the peak of success to go solo and not only found even greater success, but sold over five million copies of their solo debut? Not only that, but a debut of songs entirely written, performed and produced by that artist, with a band of their choosing. An artist that would go on to have a solo career that is over 25 years and counting, on their own terms. Now try to come up with a woman who was able to achieve this rare feat. Stumped? On this episode of Mixtape Memoir, we’ll hear her story. Natalie Merchant sits down with Carmel Holt to share her journey from growing up in an industrial town, to joining 10,000 Maniacs, and then leaving that band to embark on the most successful part of her career as a solo artist, and her soundtrack of Julie Andrews, Petula Clark, Beach Boys, Bob Seger, Fairport Convention and more.

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