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Sheroes Mixtape Memoir with Nubya Garcia

Composer, saxophonist, and bandleader, Nubya Garcia is one of the prominent musicians of the London jazz movement. Classically trained as a child, she was drawn to the power of the saxophone and its ability to hit you everywhere in your body. Moving away from the labels often assigned to her, Nubya’s EPs and projects have continued to push jazz and international collaboration, and have seen her play at the globally renowned jazz festivals of New York, Berlin, and London. On Sheroes Mixtape Memoir Episode 8 - titled Body and Sound - Nubya talks to Carmel about her first saxophone and London’s jazz development group Tomorrow’s Warriors, while talking about the music that made her, including tracks from Jill Scott, Nai Palm, and Dexter Gordon. On Sheroes Mixtape Memoir Episode 7 - titled Born To Do This - Shirley talks to Carmel about the music that made her - including tracks by Nina Simone, Jackie Lee, and Nirvana - and how she’s found it growing up as a woman in the spotlight.

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