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Sheroes Mixtape Memoir with Santigold

Growing up, Santi White, did not subscribe to self-limiting beliefs. As we will learn, Santi had the freedom to be whatever she wanted to be, listen to whatever she wanted to listen to, and dress however she wanted to dress, to become as she puts it, a shapeshifter. So it’s easy to see how she was able to synthesize it all into the visionary genre-busting, multidisciplinary artist that we know as Santigold. As Santi talks with host Carmel Holt about her journey, she shares her personal life soundtrack as it evolved. Santi’s first album, Santogold was a critically hailed release the year it came out, and now considered one of the best of the decade. Santogold was nominated for multiple awards including a 2009 Brit Award, and she toured with Bjork, M.I.A., and the Beastie Boys. This year, Santigold returns with an anticipated new release called Spirituals, her fourth album and first in six years. - Sheroes Mixtape Memoir airs on Sonos Sound System every other Monday on Sonos Radio.

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