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Sheroes Mixtape Memoir with Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara Quin were born September 1980 in Calgary. When they found their stepdad’s discarded acoustic guitar at age 15, the identical twins found what would become the pathway to making music of their own, and to their careers. By the time they were 19 they released their proper debut Under Feet Like Ours, signed to Neil Young’s label Vapor Records, and in 2000 put out This Business of Art. They had, as they put it, a scary amount of confidence. But also, Tegan and Sara were largely alone as young, female, queer artists, and even with the immediate recognition they received, they continually searched for a sound and a space to carve out as their own. In 2002 they released their third effort If It Was You, which just hit its twentieth anniversary. Looking ahead, Tegan and Sara are set to release their tenth studio album Crybaby October 21st, and the TV adaptation of their best-selling memoir High School debuts October 14th. A perfect time for Tegan and Sara's Mixtape Memoir.

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