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Sheroes Mixtape Memoir with Waxahatchee

Katie Crutchfield is now known to most music fans as Waxahatchee - the moniker she has used for over a decade and across five studio albums. In this episode, Katie brings us back to where it all began, focusing on stories and music from her childhood and formative years that were most impactful to developing her songwriting voice. Born in 1989 and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, she and her twin sister Allison grew up studying dance. Katie started playing guitar in middle school, Allison picked up the drums, and together the Crutchfield twins learned how to make music side by side in the basement of their family home. They started their first band in 8th grade and became obsessed with music of the 90’s, while Katie became an avid researcher of music, figuring out each next step towards becoming a musician herself. Listen in as she and Carmel Holt discuss the songs that were the building blocks along the way.

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