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The Wonders of Songwriting, Pt. One (feat. Ravyn Lenae)

“I came into my own and I was able to find my voice through my writing,” says artist Ravyn Lenae. The process of making her album, HYPNOS, was a four-year-long journey of blood, sweat and tears—but the result is a meticulously crafted debut, on which Ravyn has curated each individual element of every song, right down to individual snares and bass lines. In this episode, the first in our three part mini-series, “The Wonders of Songwriting,” Hanif and Ravyn explore the craft of how songs become songs. In an Object of Sound exclusive, Ravyn walks Hanif through the earlier versions of her song, ‘Inside Out,’ and explains why this track in particular needed over 2,000 vocal recordings before it was just right. Music Inside Out- Ravyn Lenae We’re So Good-Kids On A Crime Spree Hold On-The Internet One For the Griot- J-Live Don’t Go Near The Water-The Beach Boys Migratory Birds-Earth From The Moon Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love-The Reds Pinks and Purples Tender Falls the Rain-Randy Crawford

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