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When It’s All Gone, Something Carries On (A Tribute to Scott Hutchison)

“While I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to Earth.” Written by Scott Hutchison, the late frontman of the band Frightened Rabbit, this line has provided comfort, consolation, and inspiration to those who loved Scott’s music. A talented and witty lyricist, Scott’s songs could be devastatingly crushing or funny, visceral or resonant—sometimes all in the same track. But an artist is more than the work they produce, and so, on this episode of Object of Sound, we’re celebrating not only Scott’s music, but also his life and legacy. We speak to Ben Gibbard, Frank Turner, Georgia Maq, and more, who share memories and impressions of the way Scott and his music shaped their lives. We’ll also hear from listeners who called into the Object of Sound hotline to talk about what Scott’s music means to them, and all the changes—both tiny and profound—that he has made to the lives of his listeners.

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